Collectively our Hosts have two years of experience podcasting and a combined 10+ years of gaming experience. Both teenagers, our hosts are still in high school but shooting for success in the podcasting industry. Here's a little bit more about them:


Ian has been playing video games, specifically MMOs since 2007 and writing and podcasting about them since 2011. He enjoys gaming and writing, as well as graphic design work. He hopes to one day be a published author and graphic designer. His favorite games include Wizard101, The Sims 3, and SimCity. In his free time he writes and works on other projects. He's currently a Junior in high school and lives in Alabama. 


Jordan is an avid gamer, playing League of Legend, Wizard101, Call of Duty: Ghost, and Assassins Creed: Black Flag. He spends most of his time wasting his time listening to music, which consist of Dubstep, House, Indie, Rock, and Piano. Yes, Piano music.

Outside of his Gaming and Music likes, he often spends his time studying for upcoming tests at school or Skypes with his co-host, Ian. Aside from wasting his time on Video games, music, and Skyping, he is an absolute geek with his technology.

When Jordan graduates High School, he hopes to go to a community college and get his GED's out of the way. Later in life, he wants to teach English as a Second Language in Japan, alongside traveling the world as much as he can.