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A Rather Shitty Goodbye

Posted on March 9, 2015 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (1)

I know Ramblers promised there would never be swearing, but in this case it honestly deserves it. 

Hi, Ian here... This hurts to say since I just said it pretty much two months ago with Wizards Unite... But I sadly am here to announce the end of Ramblers. This is the end for many reasons: One, it is heavily noticed that between Jordan and I we have to cancel shows too frequently because of scheduling conflicts. Jordan and I are full time students who have growing extracurriculars, many of which suck up an insane amount of free time, then on top of that Jordan and I live two time-zones apart, making every show difficult. There is also a lack of time to make a good show for you guys, and we don't want to deliver a bad show. Jordan and I also believe that even though we have a few devoted fans, that the overall listener number has slowly dropped every season and it has had a negative impact on the morale of the crew. It's hard to enjoy doing a show with only two people listening. So, we sat down and told each other what we'd bee afraid to say for months; that maybe it was time to close the doors. Jordan also wants to say the following:


Hey peoples. Thank you for sticking around and supporting us. But due to too many scheduling conflicts and such, me and Ian will miss you. Thank you for supporting us though our ups and downs. And the sideways.

Stay strong, and live a good one.


Ramblers and Wizard101 Ramblers have been a truly unique experience for me. They gave me a lot to work with and taught me a lot. I'm really grateful that Jordan approached me years ago and asked me to take this inanse trip. I'm sorry that it has to end, but it is becoming so hard to balance school and all of the work I do, and I'm forcing myself to cut out wht I can't do. I'm going to miss the show, I really am, and I hope everyone understands that it just has to happen for the better of Jordan and I. Please don't think it's us, the two of us are closer than ever and I am so happy to call Jordan a friend. Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll be back with another project.  I hope everyone understands... 

Sorry that this season is the one that never was...  As a goodbye treat, here's an epic poster I made a month or so back before we decided to cancel. What Do you Ramble About?

Thanks For listening, Jordan and Ian.

Ian - Season 3 Wrap Up Comments

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys!

I just wanted to update you guys on some things so that we were all on the same page. As you know we've had to cancel our last few shows due to family emergencies and the Thanksgiving Holiday; this unfortunately cut our season 3 episodes short. We WILL be having a finale, and we hope you all can come to that! The finale is on December 10th at 6:30 PM EST; after that we are DONE with 2014 and Jordan Destiny and I will begin planning Season 4! I'm really excited for the next season, especially since we're switching a lot of the show up to make it faster paced, more organized, and with much more rotating content! It's going to be a refreshing change for us and for you guys. Again, I'm very sorry that this last month has been out of wack, we sure didn't intend for that to happen, but we simply couldn't do the show. We hope you guys understand and that you're excited for Season 4!


Ian - Wow We Really Suck At This...

Posted on July 24, 2014 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (1)

So we aren't dead.... I mean you already knew that because we kind of still tweet... but we sure didn't do a very good job at starting our Summer hiatus, and I personally apologize for that. We looked really bad by our poor planning and execution, and then we made ourselves look even worse by saying nothing about it for a month.... We were actually doing pretty good towards the end of Spring Schedule with a lively audience, and we were pushing past when we normally stopped doing the show because our Summer schedules finally allowed us to. But we REALLY messed up by cancelling our last show and then vanishing. It was extraordinarily unprofessional and as the head of social media for Ramblers I will personally take the blame.... I have been meaning to post this post for quite a while and like the lame person I am I decided to forget and neglect my job here at Ramblers. 

I am incredibly sorry for not being more vocal about the scheduling issues last month and making sure fans knew it was going to be a while until the next show. I am going to push myself harder to be more active on the Ramblers Twitter and Tumblr, as well as make our schedule, cancellations, and other information pertaining to the show more known and easy to access. 

I truly hope that we can make up for our lapse last month and that when we come back in mid-August to resume Season 3 all of you guys will be in the chatroom and still enjoy the show. Thank you all for being epic listeners and supporters, and for Rambling with us!


Episode One (S3)

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Watch live streaming video from ramblers at

An Open Note From Ian on Cancellations

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Hey Ramblers,


I'd like to talk about something that's been annoying me lately, and it's always been an issue but gotten worse recently.


In the last two seasons we've had to cancel a fair share of episodes, we don't plan to, but it happens, and we can't avoid it, trust me we don't do it on purpose. Our fans were always a little disappointed but understood, it happens. But towards the end of season 3 and in the start of our new season, it's becoming evident to me that people are becoming less accepting of our busy schedule and thinking that we should throw the show anyways. Trust me, if we could do the show when we cancel, we would. But we can't. Here's reality:


Were both in high school, were both under 18, we both have parents who don't have to listen to our plans. We both have other projects were working on, I myself have tons of projects both community related and otherwise. We also live on other sides of the country, I am two hours away from Jordan, and this can cause conflicts, when we go live each show he is literally just home from school and I'm skipping dinner just to do the show.


We promise you if we could do the show instead of cancel, we would. It's not fun to cancel and we don't intend to do it anymore than is necessary. Sometimes you just can't avoid scheduling conflicts. Trust me it hurts me a lot to cancel and I'm sure Jordan doesn't like it either. We try do hard to put on a good show and work hard to please you guys, but we aren't miracle workers and we do have valid reasons for everything we do. It's not very kind of our listeners, who we should be able to trust and know they understand us, to criticize the way we run our own show and to chastise us for something out of our control. I think these listeners need to realize that our personal lives come before a show, especially in the situation of a show on our scale, and that we gain nothing from our show, we do it for free and for fun.


I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from and know that I really hate canceling, but I can't control it, and I'm certainly not going to promise it won't happen again. We try to keep it minimal but we can't help that we're both busy people and that we can't control everything. Sorry guys, we're human.


I hope to see you guys, the real listeners who understand us, next show and hope it's super fun. You guys rock and we wouldn't be anywhere without you!



New Year New Show!

Posted on January 1, 2014 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the new and shiny website for the reinvented Ramblers podcast. Ian here to welcome you to a new year and a new show. Ramblers will be slightly different than its KI based ancestor, it will have more news about much more than KI games and more than just gaming in general. I'm really excited for this branching out and it's taken a lot of work to get this put together. I will say I was quite ready to leave Wizard101 Ramblers behind and get moving to the future (This Show) but I also have to say today I did the last maintenence for the Wizard101 Ramblers site and almost cried when I posted the last episode on the archive. This show was two years of my life and though it is not completely gone it is a chapter I have finished writing and I now start a new chapter. 

Jordan and I are incredibly excited for this new show and everything it will bring, specifically that we can branch out and explore ourselves in more than just two games. We hope that by inviting you into a larger part of our lives, the music the games the movies the lifestyle, that we can build an even closer connection to our audience. This show will be a lot bigger than the last show and hopefully have a more mature feel to it. I really can't wait to share this with you, I hope you Like it.