Quotes I can't believe how fabulous both Jordan and Ian are! I love the podcasts and adore you both. Was absolutely fabulous to tune in tonight! Please do stay crazy! Hugs and kisses. Quotes

Quotes Ramblers is an amazing podcast that everyone should check out. I love this show and try to listen every episode. If you love Wizard101, Pirate101, Music, Movies and much more, this is the show to listen to! Ian and Jordan work hard to make an episode every two weeks and always have a great show to listen to all the way to the end. :D Quotes

Quotes Wizard101 Ramblers was fun tuning to and the chat was great and always fuming. The best part about the show is that the hosts didn't blab on and ignored you, they interacted a lot and made jokes, still in topic. I'm excited for Ramblers and maybe the show might be even more exciting because of the all the content. This is by far the most "looking-foward to" podcast I ever heard. I'm ready for the premiere, lift the curtains! Quotes
Jonas Vargas
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